Inside-out MRI maps the internal current distribution of commercial cells

A new paper published by professor Alexej Jerschow’s group at New York University has shown the map of DC current distribution inside commercial pouch cells at different current rates and state of charge of the battery.

The technique could help improvement in cell design and fast charging as well as quality control by indicating the electrical current distribution map inside pouch cells at a specific rate and SOC. The article describing the work is available here:


In the news: MRI-like technique to detect battery state of charge and defects


Nondestructive battery diagnostics methodology developed at NYU. Above is an illustration of measurement setup showing the cell and the holder with the detection medium (water in this case), and showing both inserted within the magnet bore of an NMR magnet. Image courtesy of Andrew Ilott and Alexej Jerschow. The article describing the work is available here:

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Battery Fingerprint Technologies advances to the semi-final of the $300K Entrepreneurs Challenge at NYU

Battery Fingerprint Technologies advances to the semi-finals of the $300K Entrepreneurs Challenge. The $300K Entrepreneurs Challenge at the NYU Stern School of Business is one of the largest and most innovative accelerator programs in the world. More than 750 students, alumni and faculty members from 16 schools across NYU’s campus compete for a combined $300,000 in cash and startup services.

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